In this course, we will make sure that you are:

  • setup to make the most of our time together
  • provided with prompts to get those creative juices flowing
  • clear on which idea you want to move forward with my the end of the training

Best of all, this course is totally FREE, so there's literally zero risk!

Course Curriculum

Susan Anne, Chief Successful Babe

Hey, babe! I'm Susan!!

I love helping women uplevel their lives and inspire others to do the same along the way! With a passion for Jesus, coffee, vision-driven goals, and puppies (+ a knack for simplifying things), I’m known for inspiring my clients into taking life-transforming action, without overwhelm or stress. Let’s take you from To Do to Ta Da, together!!

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Brainstorm digital product ideas (freebie)

Together, we'll brainstorm ideas for your next (or first!) digital product

In this training, we'll make sure that you:are all setup to make the most of our time togetherget prompts to get your creative juices flowinghave inspiration around which product ideas you're moving forward with!